Training and Boarding

Here at Blackhorse Bulldogs I have extensive training and showing experience of both Horses and Dogs. I have been training for over 45 years and can help you with a wide variety of different styles of training. We only offer training and Boarding on the dogs that have been past sold by Blackhorse Bulldogs. We offer special packages that can be included in the purchase of your dog. BOARDING AND TRAINING 8 Weeks to 4 Months old and is $1000 a month includes, potty training, leash training, crate training, socialization with other dogs, and off site training with people as well as other dogs. 5 Months to 1 Year old is $1300 a Month includes more extensive training customized to your needs, with more emphasis on leash training, as well as SIT WAIT COME training. If you would JUST like to board your dog it is only $45 a day. GIVE US A CALL so we can customize your training need to your lifestyle, environment, and overall family. 352-281-6831