About Us

Welcome to Black Horse Bulldogs. I have dedicated many years to understanding and living with the Bulldog breed. As the owner and operator of a horse farm in Ocala Florida and mother of 3 children I searched for a breed that would do well with my family and lifestyle. I have a lifetime of training and breeding horses professionally with awards in National Championship Dressage. Through the years my passion to produce high quality athletic horses has taught me a lot about proper breeding and breed choice. When my children wanted a dog I took this knowledge to choose the right breed for our family. Little did I know that I would love them as much as if not more than my horses. It was this love and respect I found in the Olde English Bulldog association that led me to want to share incredible rare and beautiful canines.


Keeping my dogs happy and healthy is extremely important and I will not overlook any details to do so.   If you decide to adopt one of our pups,  they will have super temperament that is perfectly suited for a “family” dog. You can rest assured our dogs have impeccable show bloodlines and your pup will be a fantastic addition to your family as well. They are great with children when trained with a firm but, loving and positive hand.