The AKC English bulldog was bred with an excessive amount of wrinkles originally. Here at Blackhorse Bulldogs, our English Bulldogs have less wrinkles, as well as less skin problems. Our dogs are short and compact, very calm, making them wonderful for retirees, and as well as apartment dogs. English Bulldogs are very durable and patient with small children, and require minimum exercise, but at the same time, make wonderful and loyal companions. All of are dogs are fully health tested at animal genetics for longevity and better quality of life for your perfect dog. Males are around 60 pounds, and females stay around 50 pounds.

English Bulldogs with a long line bred out for excellence represent a remarkable evolution within the breed. These dogs have been carefully selected and bred over generations to emphasize health, longevity, and overall well-being, ensuring fewer trips to the vet and more quality time spent with your family.

One of the key attributes of these selectively bred Bulldogs is their robust health. Breeders have prioritized eliminating genetic issues that often plague the breed, such as respiratory problems and joint ailments. This focus on health results in Bulldogs that require fewer medical interventions, meaning less time and money spent at the vet's office.

Additionally, these dogs tend to have more energy and vitality, enabling them to engage in a wider range of activities with their families. They can enjoy longer walks, play sessions, and adventures without the discomfort or exhaustion commonly associated with the traditional English Bulldog.

The longevity of these well-bred Bulldogs is another standout feature. They are more likely to live longer, allowing families to enjoy their loyal companionship for many years. This translates into a deeper bond and more cherished memories.

In summary, English Bulldogs with a long line bred for excellence offer a healthier, more vibrant, and longer-lasting companionship compared to their less selectively bred counterparts. Investing in a well-bred Bulldog means fewer vet visits, more active family time, and the joy of a loyal four-legged friend who stands the test of time